Our services

Your dog can experience his/ her first groom after the vet has given them the all clear to go out into the world. It’s best to then bring your puppy along to us for a visit; they can then get use to different smells and noises. We always love to have a puppy in for cuddles!!!

Benefits of a bath and blow dry;

Giving your dog a good thorough wash in our HYDRO BATH helps cleanse and clean both the dog’s skin and coat. It keeps your dog smelling cleaner for longer, then you would achieve at home. We have a wide range of shampoos and conditioners for individual coats and skin types. The whole time we are grooming it allows us to spot any signs of lumps, bumps, warts, moles or parasites.

Anal Glands

We are able to check and release anal glands if required by the owner to do so; there is no charge for this if your dog is in with us for a groom. You can be a walk in customer and pay a small charge of £5.00 for us to do anal glands. If your dog is having on going problems with his/her anal glands then you should consult your vet.


We do check and cut toe nails when every dog is in for a groom, this is all part of our service with no extra cost on the grooming. You can be a walk in customer and pay a small charge of £5.00 for toe nails to be done.

Clipping and scissoring

We are qualified to style a wide range of breeds in pet trims or to the owner’s requirements. When you come in with your dog for you appointment, we will advise and discuss with you what you and your pet would like from your visit to us.

We are able to remove ticks