It's very hard to price every dog as each dog is an individual and has his/her own needs, you are best to ring or email one of our friendly team for advice and pricing on your pet.

The only time you could experience additional charges from us, is if your dog requires extra time for dematting or the removal of parasites.

Bath and blow dry only, Is ½ the price of a full groom


All prices quoted include, nail clipping, removal of ear hair and anal gland checks if required.

Price List

  Starting From
Toy breeds ie miniture dashound, toy yorkie, chiawuha £24 + vat
Small breeds, yorkie, westie ,cairn £28 + vat
Medium breeds, cocker spaniel, clipped cavilier £30 + vat
Cross breeds, labadoodle, cockerpoo, cavie poo £32 + vat
Large breeds, ie old english, standard poodle, rough collie £45 + vat
Giant breeds, newfoundland £80 + vat

Short haired breeds

  Starting From
Staffy £14 + vat
Labrador £26 + vat
Golden Retriever £30 + vat

These prices are a guide only. On arrival of your grooming appointment, you will be quoted a price when we can see you dogs grooming requirements.